It’s not just you

4 April, 2017 by

When the word ‘Coeliac’ was first uttered in your household, you had no idea the impact it was about to have on your life. You did as you are supposed to do and emptied out your pantry only to find that you had nothing to eat and felt completely alone. Much like the picture above.
The first time you went grocery shopping it was a marathon session of reading each and every ingredient label. At the time it was the single most overwhelming experience you had been through in a long time….and then when you eventually got to the checkout ….Whoa! How were you going to be able to afford to eat?
Takeaway was a long forgotten memory, but it didn’t stop the cravings for a pizza or fish and chips or your favourite Italian pasta.
Slowly, oh so painfully slowly, you began to find a few meals you could cook that the rest of the family would also eat.
You suddenly discover that you have quite a few different recipes now that you have collected and are becoming good at cooking. Sure they take a little extra time, but they are turning out pretty well.
Your grocery shopping now only takes and hour and a half, not three and you are managing your grocery budget like a boss!
The surprising thing is that there are many people out there going through exactly the same thing. Some making it in one piece and others not quite so well. The point is, however, that they made it through to the other side.
It is important to stop and consider at this point, how much you have really achieved.

If you stop for a moment and consider all the items in your pantry – how many of them are still those same products that your mother or grandmother used?

I bet your answer is something that is quite low.

It is also one of the most significant contributing factors to the difficult first six months of providing gluten free food.

A diagnosis of Coeliac disease dictates that you have to totally disregard all the years of product research and selection that your own family has invested and passed on to you.

To follow a gluten free diet, you have to start from scratch.

Finding a product you are happy with involves trying lots of different brands, often discovering that results are substandard and cooking from scratch really is the best solution.

You have to be brave because throwing partially used packets of various gluten free products into the rubbish really hurts your wallet. Lets face it, gluten free products are expensive and hard to just discard as a result.

Through persistence, tears and a lot of time you begin achieve some success.

Remember, you are trying to replace years of research and product knowledge into a few short months.

It’s intense, it’s emotional and it costs a bomb, but if you take another look in your pantry, feel proud of how many products you have already found and are using to successfully and safely feed yourself and your family.

This is a massive achievement often overlooked by most people.

When you are feeling particularly down or hard done by, take a passing glance at your pantry to remind yourself just how far you have come and that you do have it in you to stay the course.

~Paula Brinsmead

Founder of Kiss My Gluten Free