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Why the fuss?

You wouldn’t think that a place where you can enjoy dining safely would create such a fuss would you? You see, it’s more than the coeliac safe dining experience…Health Freak Cafe, Joondalup, is so much more.

Sure, it’s 100% Gluten free (including the supply chain) and it’s easy to get to as it’s located in the Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre but it’s the welcoming atmosphere, the way the management and staff protect the 100% Gluten Free ‘zone’, the value for money and best of all, the food that nicely completes the whole experience.

Let me explain

Being situated in a large shopping centre you would expect to see people swing by the restaurant with gluten-based foods they have purchased elsewhere. You know, two people agree to meet up and one purchases something a little extra on the way, or you see a group of mothers meeting up for morning tea and one of their little ones is chewing on a teething rusk. Just let that sink in for a minute…..

I secretly suspect they have radar vision and can spot gluten more accurately than a Nima sensor!

Great atmosphere and great flair!

Don’t worry, the managers of the store, Les and Sara, actually protect the restaurant space & ask anyone who brings food in to the restaurant to either sit across the way at the Max Brenner outlet or go elsewhere.

The Max Brenner store are completely cool with the arrangement and are more than happy for the Health Freak staff to deliver any orders to people sitting in their eatery. Let’s face it, they benefit as well from subsequent orders that these people may make.

Now that’s an A+ for protecting the gluten free space and at the same time providing a solution for people who would know how delicious the food is but are not able to sit in the restaurant space.

Speaking of food…

The menu at Health Freak Joondalup is downright delicious!

The menu is easy to read and well laid out. It’s well categorised with around a half a dozen dishes in each. The number of menu categories is staggering. It includes paleo, keto, vegan, budda bowls, protein-based meals to name a few. The problem then lies in the choice. So much to choose from!

For me I resolved to come back another time to enjoy even more from the menu.

On the day I visited, I chose a Thai Beef Salad and a Protein Chia Banana Shake. Decadent to say the least!

My dining buddy had a chickpea, spinach, quinoa sweet potato curry with a freshly squeezed orange juice.

It was a tasting frenzy!

The ordering experience at The Health Freak Cafe, Joondalup is good. Any questions you may have about preparation, safety, or other allergens…all easily answered by Les and his crew. It’s great to see such a consistently high level of knowledge across all staff.

Delivery of the food to our table was fast and the service was not intrusive and yet always quietly keeping an eye out to make sure we had everything we needed.

Checking out the Surrounds

The layout of the restaurant is good. You can see into the kitchen space, relax in the predominantly timber furnished dining area or weather permitting, select one of their tables along the promenade.

The restaurant space is calm with subdued lighting and is very very clean.

Dessert Decadence

When you are ordering your meal, it doesn’t take very long at all to notice the strategically positioned desert cabinet. It’s right next to the ordering counter!

I did like its position, as it gave me something to investigate whilst I was waiting to order. It was full of so many options both expected and new.

I must admit that the size of the main meal stopped me from sampling from that wonderful cabinet. It’s on my list of things to definitely try next time.

Little Coeliacs

One thing I did find particularly pleasing was a dedicated section in the menu for kids. It brought a smile to my face when I read the title. “Little Freaks”. Oh, that works on so many levels.

Having a coeliac child, I often become disappointed for my ‘little freak’ when dining out because kids’ menus never have coeliac safe options on them and they are usually forced to choose something from the main menu. We all know that these are aimed at the grown-up palate and as a result the meals are not enjoyable for the kids. The outcome is that you end up paying full price for a dish that is never (usually) finished.

Not here…. when you visit, be sure to take a moment to really take in an exceptional example of how to cater for coeliac kids.

Right, Back to it..

You need to be concerned

About absolutely nothing!

You don’t have to worry about a thing. No gluten ingredients, cross contamination or staff education/attitude issues to concern you.

No judgemental looks from other diners. Nothing but safety and understanding – which leaves to you only be concerned about deciding what to choose next from the menu.

Here comes the ‘So Much More than Dining”

The owners of Health Freak Cafe, Joondalup, Les & Sara put a lot of effort into community events. In particular, they usually put on a kid’s day twice a year that coincides with the school holidays for coeliac kids to come and have fun with other kids (just like them).

Activities usually include face painting, balloon animals, craft tables, give-aways and some really great food including fruit and ice-cream.

An example is this is the upcoming public holiday for the Perth Royal Show where they are planning to hold their next Kids Day. At this stage, they are going to have a Cartoon Day theme where everyone dresses up as their favourite cartoon character.


Visiting Joondalup Health Freak Cafe is a must. Treat yourself and your little coeliac to a wonderful dining experience. You will not regret it.

  • Category: 100% Gluten Free
  • Price: Moderate ($$)
  • Service: Top Notch
  • Options: Everything is Gluten Free
  • Overall Impression: Excellent dining experience in a relaxed environment and friendly knowledgeable staff. Great holiday fun for the little coeliacs.

Our Integrity

So, if you are wondering if this article was sponsored, it wasn’t. It has been written honestly and my identity was not known by The Health Freak Cafe, Joondalup until after I had finished my meal.

I always like to introduce myself after I have paid for the meal, so I get to experience the ‘real’ experience in a food outlet.

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