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Glutinous Maximus

16 July, 2019 by

It’s a bit of a funky term. Quirky even. Glutinous Maximus, but it is what I was going to call Kiss My Gluten Free. Well, almost. Glutinous Maximus was a…

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Freakishly Impressive

6 August, 2018 by

Why the fuss? You wouldn’t think that a place where you can enjoy dining safely would create such a fuss would you? You see, it’s more than the coeliac safe…

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Gluten Free Vegie Burgers

18 June, 2018 by

Sponsored Post Most people shudder if you mention gluten free vegie burgers and for good reason. It conjures up memories of an epic fail in the taste and texture department….

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The Chef is a Coeliac!

13 June, 2018 by

That got your attention didn’t it?! The announcement “The chef is a coeliac!” usually does, especially when someone is recommending a great,safe place to eat. It works a little bit…

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Best Fish & Chips in Moreton Bay

7 May, 2018 by

Finding the best gluten free Fish & Chips in your local area is like a Jumanji style epic adventure. It’s full of danger, anticipation, disappointment and elation. It can also…

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