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Finding the best gluten free Fish & Chips in your local area is like a Jumanji style epic adventure. It’s full of danger, anticipation, disappointment and elation. It can also take a lot of time to find ‘The One’.

My local area is the Moreton Bay Region in South East Queensland. I have lived here for 10 years, half of that as the parent of a coeliac child.

Over time, I’ve tried to make my own gluten free Fish & Chips, but in the main, there is no comparison with the real thing. That left me with one option, to set out and explore my local area to discover as it turns out, the good, the bad and the not very tasty.

Choose Your Player

Where do you start? In my case, I started close to home. As soon as I heard about a dedicated fryer, I was on it like a fly to honey. Fryday Everyday was the first non-homemade gluten free Fish & Chips my daughter had experienced (well, at least as far as she could remember). They offered Potato Gems that are just delicious, an unbattered sausage that didn’t resemble any kind of appealing food and hot chips that were soggy and a little oily. There is seating available, but it’s in a large oven area, limited tables and not very inviting.

Fish On Flinders is a well talked about Fish & Chippery in the region and is highly regarded for it’s safe gluten free Fish & Chips offerings. The thing that got our attention was the availability of a gluten free Dagwood Dog. This is somewhat of a delicacy at one of our major show events here in Brisbane. Again, it’s something my daughter has never been able to try.

Enjoy the luxury of understanding the risk before you arrive to dine

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This Fish & Chippery is extremely busy, has a cramped serving area and restricted seating space. We ordered both gluten free and mainstream items that were served seperated as is usual.

Finding out which tray was the gluten free tray meant fighting through the queues again. It did take a staff member a moment to work it out and from the instant she hesitated, my trust levels dropped exponentially.

Busy stores make for silly mistakes. Fortunately, there was no mistake and the prized Dagwood Dog was devoured. It was pretty tasty, but very greasy and the hot chips were not crisp.

Things Are Improving

Delicious Takeaway was a new comer to the region and a breath of fresh air. They had a completely seperate preparation area and the obligatory dedicated fryer. They also had a lot more to offer customers looking for gluten free menu items. Although preparation of the gluten free orders was slow due to a small dedicated fryer, the food was tasty.

Especially the calamari. Oh lordy it was delicious! Unfortunately, due to illness, the owners have had to permanently close their store. This has left quite a hole for the gluten free community in the local area. We do wish them well and hope to one day see them open again.

The recent discovery of Yabby Road right across the road to the famous Redcliffe Jetty was almost life changing. Ordering was a snap, delivery of the order was speedy and the hot chips were the best gluten free chips on the planet! They also do many other gluten free options but the battered sausage was extremely large and coated in crisp perfectly drained batter that just completed the extremely tasty sausage it covered.

The One

If I was to rank the four Fish & Chip shops mentioned in this article, the stand out winner is Yabby Road. Not just by a little bit. This store shines amongst the others. Service, price and the taste factor are second to none in the region.

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