Paula Brinsmead the creator of Kiss my Gluten Free ​ ​

Paula Brinsmead the creator of Kiss my Gluten-Free

Kiss my Gluten-Free was destiny. I had no say in the matter, the planets had aligned and that was that.

Being employed in the IT-intensive mapping industry and the mother of a coeliac child my path has been pretty much set for a number of years. I just didn’t realise it.

Like many, I found searching and wading through the multitude of comments on social networks and staring at food outlet websites an overwhelming activity.

If I was the coeliac, it would make it a little easier to make choices, but as it’s not, guessing how a little person is feeling about a situation or ‘being there’ after an accidental glutening is nearly the hardest thing I’ve had to do. (aside from bringing the little people into this world that is).

I am lucky in that my husband is really supportive and exceptional at bringing things back to the basics. That grounding is so needed when things are out of your control.

I have toyed with the idea of Kiss my Gluten Free for some time. It’s changed considerably from its original concept, but all the while, it’s core has remained the same:

“to provide intuitive maps of food outlets that are categorised into the level of risk.”

Understanding that risk is the next best thing to trust…..that comes later for each and every person as they develop their relationship with a particular food outlet.

So we hope you enjoy our Maps for Coeliacs and look forward to your contributions of new outlets to include and the many many reviews you submit.