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Taking the stress out of finding a safe place to eat is the fundamental goal for Maps for Coeliacs. The service is aimed at anyone who needs to locate gluten free food for medical or lifestyle reasons.  By uniquely presenting restaurants, cafes, bakeries, fast food outlets and grocery stores in an intuitive way, you will instantly be able to identify which restaurants are nearby, what services they offer and how safe the meal experience is likely to be.

We rely on contributions from the gluten free community (you) and third party gluten free reviewers to provide rich content.  Maps for Coeliacs services are free to use and free to list for businesses. This makes great content available to all who may wish to use them.
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The Chef is a Coeliac!

13 June, 2018 by

That got your attention didn’t it?! The announcement “The chef is a coeliac!” usually does, especially when someone is recommending a great,safe place to eat. It works a little bit…

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Best Fish & Chips in Moreton Bay

7 May, 2018 by

Finding the best gluten free Fish & Chips in your local area is like a Jumanji style epic adventure. It’s full of danger, anticipation, disappointment and elation. It can also…

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Prolifically Seeking Good Health

10 April, 2018 by

Good health. What is that? No really…take a moment to consider what it means for you. Is it staying un-glutened for 12 months or trying to gain some elusive weight?…

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